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Hello, my name is Morgan. I draw a bit.
I like armours and robots . posting art and sometimes game screenshots here
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my art
-Robots (non TF)
Guild Wars 2

commission for amicaendurae of their character Pavionine.
the character was designed by biosynth and the colour scheme was picked by me as part of the commission.

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hello! Neavi is coming over to my place for a few days, for this time I will be rather inactive here and on sideblog.
Will try to wrap up as much of the commissions as I can today.
be well!


Friendly reminder somewhere about how looks Zexel’s onlytruelove. Vestrel belongs to steelsuit




chest bump 8 )
rip at this point i barely remember the time when i’ve used non eyebrurning colours

and Ultra Magnus is in the background disapproving of this behavior. 

there he is


Hello, it’s been a long time since I’ve last opened commissions. I’m  slightly nervous, but there has been some interest and I’m also in need of  funds for new equipment.
Apologies that any other paintings than portrait are not available this  time.

the examples are basically TF characters, but i can draw |OCs |MMO characters| canon characters| mecha| fantasy| couples| whatever!

For more examples please look around my: |art tag| or |deviantart|

The prices listed are per character. However if you’d like more than one, the pricing for additional will be lower, but it’s up for discussion.

I accept |PAYPAL| or |polish banking transfer| only
|I take payment upon commission confirmation up front.|

if you’re interested, please contact me at:
or via deviantart note or tumblr note.
however tumblr notes sometimes get lost, which is why it isn’t the safest  method!

If you’re not sure about something, don’t hesitate to send me a  question for clarification!

how does it work?
-Message me in what kind of an image you are interested in. Please  attach any necessary reference material to the email (eg; character design  ref, write in case if you’d like the character doing anything specific or in a  certain pose or not etc. etc.).
-After/if your order is accepted and paid for I will send you loose pose  sketches to give you the option to make  changes or accept it. After the lineart is done, you cannot make changes in regard to it anymore!(i do inks traditionally most of the time).
-if the image is taking longer to make i will be sending you process  shots.
-after the picture is done I will send you a full resolution image as  well as resized image on your e-mai.

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Song: Dance With Me
Artist: Ra Ra Riot
Album: Beta Love
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Ra Ra Riot - Dance With Me

chest bump 8 )
rip at this point i barely remember the time when i’ve used non eyebrurning colours



nervous laughter

And i just HAD to imagine Drift doing something more wicked with Roddy’s corpse, and Ratchet suddenly appearing in the doorway, getting out of that faith that he doesnt even possess after busting Drift doing “that”.



commission for very kind Meatlessbox of their Tera Online character Ealinus :)