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Hello, my name is Morgan. I draw a bit.
I like armours and robots . posting art and sometimes game screenshots here
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my art
-Robots (non TF)
Guild Wars 2

commission for Evanlysis of their mechari oc Rithex. :)

realized that I’ve never posted a back view of Furai 8)

Windblade and Starscream commission for Valong to Greyliliy’s fic and a lil doodle 8)

guess who soon will officially be a college student again;
this guy
i’m so glad that i could transfer here

tbh, in two months i will probably be crying again how horrible college is or smth but whatever. im glad


Have you ever looked at Rodimus’s armor and gone ‘Wow, that robot is wearing thigh-high stockings’?


Thank you, steelsuit, for freeing my brain of the mental image. Love the commission! Your art is fantastic.

glad to see that you like the commission, Tez! 8 ) I’ve enjoyed working on this picture and hope that I didn’t overdo the pink. haha

Hello friend I just wanted to say that you're one of my favorite artists and I love your cutie robots~ ♡


/gurgles and lies down/