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Hello, my name is Morgan. I draw a bit.
I like armours and robots . posting mostly wip's, sketches and game screenshots here
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Guild Wars 2

some drawings from last week :o  Today I’m leaving for a week to stay over with Neavi, so probably won’t be around here at the time. Stay well!

seeing you guys begin excited about driftrod makes me so glad (◑‿◐)

hi. sorry for not responding to replies/messages recently. I’m having a hard time in my life right now and decisions I need to make in the near future will affect the next few years of my life. none of which being a really good option. Let’s just say, got kicked around, pretty shocked and might end up w/o college.

thanks for sticking around. I will get to it in a few days probably.

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Do you take requests or commissions?

Hello! Neither, though you can drop a request to my inbox and if I like it I might do it. :^) but I don’t promise anything. (I’m very very lazy)

I would like to open commissions, but then again I’m worried that people might not be happy with the pieces and I don’t know what pricing to set up to keep both sides happy. /sighs

Any chances you'll draw Warframe again (aside that excalibooty picture)? :3c

Hi Inkary! Not very likely, since I’m not playing anymore, but then the character designs there are incredible and I adore them soooimage
here’s a quick picture of excalibur for you! : ^)
Now you’ve reminded me of these guys /sweats a bucket

thank you for your message!

Your transformer art makes the day a lot better. Thank you. ; 3 ;

ppbpbp glad to hear that, anon! It makes me really happy to know that some of these silly things I draw can make someone smile. (╯‿╰)